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Request Surplus Property Pickup

If your department has university-owned property that is no longer wanted, please submit a Surplus Property Pickup request through the DFA Service Catalog. Use the Equipment Management menu and select Surplus Property Pickup.

List all items being sent to Surplus on the Surplus Property Pickup form. If you prefer, attach an Excel spreadsheet with the required information. Please indicate the condition of the item and verify whether it is working.

The surplus operation will forward Surplus Tags for each item listed on the Surplus Property Pickup request. The requestor must attach the tags to the item(s). Facilities will not pick up surplus items that are not tagged. Please be sure tags are affixed to the items you want picked-up.

Other guidelines:

  • All e-waste should be submitted to Surplus for proper disposal. Use the same process as above.
  • The Surplus Department is unable to accept liquids, used light bulbs, any type of batteries whether computer related or household, or smoke detectors. These should be sent to recycling.
  • Please do not send supplies or equipment that have been designated to be destroyed. The Surplus Department does not have the means or ability to destroy property.
  • Used toners and print cartridges should be sent to recycling.
  • Used cardboard, packaging, food containers, ballasts and other trash should be sent to recycling.
  • Broken furniture should be sent to recycling.

Hazardous Materials

If your surplus item contains or has been previously used in connection with biological, chemical, radioactive or any hazardous materials in any way, please have Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) check the item(s) and approve the release to surplus BEFORE submitting a request to Equipment Management.

Presuming everything is fine, EH&S will issue a “green tag” that must be attached to the item.

Please Note: Facilities will not pick up freezers, refrigerators, cabinets, hoods, lab equipment or any item they deem has potential contamination from hazardous materials without a “green tag” approving safe removal.

You can contact the Office of Environmental Health & Safety at (209) 228-7864.

Electronic Data

If your surplus item is a computer, copier or other item that may have a hard drive or memory, please have the Office of Information Technology purge any remaining data on the device and attach the OIT request to the item before sending it to Surplus.

Contact the IT Help Desk by phone at 209-228-HELP (4357) or email at

For further information, go to the IT website.

Inventory Items

If your surplus item is an inventory item, has an Asset/Property Tag, or has an original purchase value over $5,000, then an Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) must be submitted using the DFA Service Catalog. Use the equipment Management menu and select Equipment Inventory Modification.

All transactions involving Inventorial Equipment must be accompanied by an EIMR.