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Faculty Transfer

Equipment may be permanently transferred from one UC location to another, usually as part of a faculty transfer, and usually paid for by the receiving university location via an intercampus journal of funds. All such intercampus transfers must be coordinated through Equipment Management at each university location.

Intercampus transfers are considered to be dispositions at the transferring university location: within the university, there is no disposition, the item appearing, with the same property number, on the inventory of the receiving university location.

If you are receiving inventorial equipment transferred from another university in association with a faculty transfer:

  1. Notify Equipment Management by submitting an EIMR using the DFA Service Catalog.
  2. Select “Equipment Inventory Modification (EIMR) from the Equipment Management menu. Use Request Type “other.”
  3. Equipment Management will create property tags and forward them to your department, along with the Asset Locator Report form.
  4. Affix the tags by placing them on the front surface of the equipment.
  5. Complete and return the Asset Locator Report form to Equipment Management.

If a faculty member is transferring to another university and has requested to transfer equipment to their new facility, please submit a request at the DFA Service Catalog under Equipment Management, PI Equipment Transfer.

1. General Procedures (BFS BUS 38):

a. University-owned property shall always be sold to the recipient institution at fair value, unless permitted by exception (see subsection 2. below).

b. Prior to initiation of the sale, a written request must be made by the departing faculty member and must include the following:

i. A specific list of the property including (at a minimum) property numbers, descriptions, and original unit costs.

ii. The reason for the sale.

iii. Name of the institution to which the property shall be sold.

c. The request must be approved by each of the following:

i. Department Head.

ii. Dean, equivalent officer or designee.

iii. Equipment Administrator (or equivalent), who verifies that title vests in the university and that there are no restrictions to the sale.

d. A purchase order or equivalent document must be issued by the recipient institution. As appropriate, a standard university waiver of liability and hold harmless agreement, signed by an appropriate officer of the recipient institution, may be required as part of the purchase process.

e. No sale may occur – and no property shall be removed from the university location – before all necessary procedures have been completed, all necessary approvals have been obtained in writing, and full payment has been received.

f. The recipient institution shall provide the university with written confirmation of the arrival of the transferred property.

g. In no case shall university-owned property become the personal property of the departing faculty member; title shall always vest with the recipient institution.

h. Sale of property to individuals or for-profit organizations is prohibited.