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How to Buy at UC Merced

Request a purchase easily through DFA Service Catalog

The Center for Business Services and Solutions (CBS2) supports all campus procurement activity and has delegated authority to directly procure many commonly purchased goods and services on behalf of the campus. To request a purchase, submit a General Purchase Request in the DFA Service Catalog (ServiceNow). You can also contact your CBS2 representative with any questions. For high dollar value or complex purchases, CBS2 will work with central procurement and contracts staff to complete your purchase or contract. Contact CBS2 with any questions.

Shop directly from almost 30 pre-approved catalogs

To directly procure frequently purchased goods from a pre-approved supplier catalog you can complete training here and submit an access request here to be set up as a “Requisitioner” within our Bobcat Buy eProcurement Platform. Your chief administrative officer (CAO) will need to approve the request after you submit it. Once you have access you will be able to select items from over 30 catalogs and submit them directly into workflow to expedite purchase of your items.

Unauthorized purchases

All university purchases must be authorized in advance with a UC purchase order or credit card. Unauthorized purchases may lead to a supplier not receiving payments or having their invoices significantly delayed. Ensure you have a purchase order from UC before shipping goods or starting services and do not provide the vendor with verbal orders or change orders to quantities after the order has been placed.

Unauthorized purchases (also known as "after the fact" orders), are purchase transactions either entered into by an individual not authorized to execute agreements on behalf of the UC, or entered into by an individual who has authorization but who uses an unauthorized procurement method or exceeds their delegated authority.

Unauthorized financial commitments require that any requisition or invoice submitted “after the fact” must include a statement explaining the reason for the violation of policy. This statement must be signed by the department's CAO/business officer, department head and vice chancellor or dean. Access a statement form here.

Get help on a special project or large complex purchase

If you are working on a high-dollar or very complex purchase, or have a need to implement a new strategic contract for your unit than please contact our Strategic Sourcing & Special Projects team directly for assistance. Our staff will guide you through the process to ensure you get the best value from your procurement and comply with applicable requirements. Please contact Meagan Torres, Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager at