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The Supply Chain Center of Excellence is a customer service-oriented organization. Our key customers are our faculty, researchers, staff and students.

We aim to ensure the effective and efficient deployment of UC Merced’s limited resources in support of research, teaching and public service. We meet these objectives by focusing on end-to-end supply chain processes and procedures, and by applying a strong combination of highly skilled staff, optimized operations, and integrated technology.

The keys to meeting these objectives is implementing programs to:

Buy Better: Optimize the procedure-to-pay process to ensure efficiency and effectiveness and to minimize overhead costs.

Buy Cheaper: Employing effective strategic sourcing to obtain the best overall value for goods and services.

Buy Less: Leveraging demand management, forecasting and planning to match requirements and enable smarter, targeted buys. Ensuring purchases reflect actual needs, thereby minimizing excess and waste.

Continuous Improvement: Monitoring and measuring end-to-end processes to reduce cost and focus on total service delivery. Provide quality service at the lowest combination of direct and indirect costs.

Performance Analytics: Employing a clear, unambiguous and objective picture of end-to-end operational effectiveness via managerial metrics. Through data-driven insights, we manage performance, reduce costs and increase value.