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Notifications to Reconcile P-Card Transactions to Begin

February 27, 2023

Campus colleagues,

This week, the Division of Finance and Administration will begin notifying Procurement Card holders who have unreconciled transactions that they are approaching or in violation of the campus P-Card policy. If you are a cardholder and have transactions more than 10 business days old, you and HR unit approvers will receive at least two notifications below from Concur on Wednesday, March 1.

  • If the cardholder only has unreconciled transactions seven to nine business days old, a notification will be sent saying those transactions will be in violation of policy at ten (10) business days.
  • If the cardholder has unreconciled transactions ten (10) or more business old, a notification will be sent saying the holder has (5) business days to reconcile all outstanding transactions.
  • If those transactions are not reconciled in five (5) business days, a notification will be sent saying card privileges have been suspended.

After the initial notification(s) March 1, you will receive notifications based only on the age of future outstanding transactions.

In addition, please be reminded that all current cardholders must complete and submit a newly updated P-Card application. Be sure the application has the signatures of your CAO, plus your Dean or AVC/Executive Director (who reports directly to a VC). The CAO should ensure the application includes the Dean/AVC/ED/VC’s default Chart of Accounts (CoA) value.

If you have not submitted a new updated application, please send an email to and report the status of your application. The Feb. 22 deadline has passed, and your P-Card privileges are at risk of being suspended until your completed application is received by the P-Card Administrator.

Visit the Procurement Card website to find the updates to P-Card policy, reconciliation guidelines, commonly used forms, and the updated application.

Thank you.

Meagan Torres, Chief Procurement Officer