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Mitigation Measures in Case of UPS Strike

July 14, 2023

A potentially disruptive situation is developing in which UPS delivery service workers could go on strike Aug. 1 when their contract expires. The UC system and UC Merced are taking proactive steps in an effort to maintain continuous operations.

UC Merced’s Procurement team is working closely with UC Systemwide Procurement to avoid delays or losses of critical goods to the greatest extent possible by maintaining clear and timely communications and recommending specific actions.

Greenlighting Other Suppliers

Systemwide Procurement is identifying systemwide suppliers that do not have UPS exposure or with adequate mitigation plans in place. Suppliers dependent on UPS will be flagged as a potential risk.  

Delivery and Shipping Recommendations

As of Monday, July 17, to avoid delivery problems with critical goods, any orders/purchases should be routed through alternate available delivery services such as FedEx, USPS or DHL. Suppliers usually determine shipping options, but if there is a choice any staff purchasing goods should avoid UPS. If UPS appears to be the only option, contact for assistance in finding an alternate shipper. UC Merced’s Logistics team will be in communication with the university’s UPS account manager.

Managing Expectations

The campus community is advised a strike will likely cause shipping and receiving disruption due to the heavy impact on global delivery services. We expect delays will occur with all shipping sources due to capacity challenges.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we help institute these measures to mitigate this situation. By working together and following these recommendations, we hope to maintain close-to-optimal operations.