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Automated Routing for RA Approval on Oracle Purchase Requisitions

April 8, 2022

On Friday, April 15, the Division of Finance and Administration, along with Procurement Services, will release an update to the Oracle Purchase Requisition workflow that automates approval routing to Research Administrators (RA). The process will be like what was available on the Jaggaer Bobcat Buy platform.

RAs should make sure to monitor the Oracle approval queue for items assigned to them. As an approver, it is the RA’s responsibility to review and confirm the presence and accuracy of the funding source (COA and POET) used in the requisition, ensure expenses are allowable on the project, and assess the availability of project funds.

The automated workflow will be triggered based on the Fund and Organization. The system will assign to an approval group that contains RA or Delegate Approvers established by ORED and ORU.

This approval stage is configured on a “first responder wins” basis, allowing RAs to provide multiple approvers (or a primary and backup approver) into the workflow step. This means the first person to respond and approve the requisition will allow it to progress. The approval still will route through other workflow steps based on the CoA values for Department and Fiscal approval, as well as restricted categories that require additional approval.

To change the RA approver, submit an Purchasing User Access Provisioning Request. Note the Fund / HR Unit to ensure the appropriate group is updated.

General questions? Submit a DFA General Request and select Procurement.